Our site

The other half of our site

Our neighbors - Dizzy Pig BBQ

Dan prepping rib tips for Friday night snacking

Our site at night

Night time down BBQ row

Greetings from Asbury Park (Convention Center)

Jason prepping the garnish

Our Chicken turn-in box

Our Ribs turn-in box (4th place!!)

Pork shoulders off the Weber...mmmm...

Why yes, that is a pan of parsley

Our neighbors to the west - Anchormen from RI

The fellas from Dizzy Pig

Dizzy Pig crew (Chris, Chuck, Kenny, and John)

Our Pork turn-in box

Our Brisket turn-in box

Jason and Bob (BBQGuru.com) playing quoits

Kenny (Dizzy Pig) and James (BBQGuru.com) playing quoits

What great trophies!!!!!

The place was packed!!!

Another shot of the crowd

Getting our 4th place ribbon for Ribs

Dizzy Pig getting the Grand Champion trophy!!!!