Jason with a smoked turkey drumstick (Disney style)

Dan carving the smoked turkey we made for our guests..

Dan ready to serve, John patiently waiting...

Smoked turkey and rib tips... yummy..

Rib tips... Dig in!!! No utensils required

Jason playing quoits with Bob (bbqguru.com)

Our camp and some of our guests

Our camp again and some more guests

Our camp at night

Thanks to our sponsor Blue Dot!!

Our neighbor Pequea Pullers from PA

Dizzy Pig BBQ (all 6 members!!)

BBQ Guru, Shotgun Fred and James

Free Range BBQ

Big Green Eggs at the Dizzy Pig camp.

Looking down BBQ row, we're half way down...

Dan prepping the pulled pork

Pulled pork without the sauce

Pulling apart in your hand

Our pulled pork turn-in box

Our brisket turn-in box (8th place)

Our beef ribs prior to final prep

Our beef ribs turn-in box (5th place)

Leftovers for our guests and friends

Jason and Wayne after the turn-ins

The main stage (we're getting our 4th place trophy for chicken)

Dan with 1 of our 3 awards!!!