Our neighbors lost their shirts.....er.. canopies in the wind!!!

The infield of the Monster Mile, we were set up on RV pads

Midnite Smokers (3rd overall) with the tower in the background

Nightime socializing and drinking (it was cold!!)

Michelle, Donnie, and Will

Late night Hold 'Em game

Nightime and the lights are on!

Nightime again with a little smoke

The crew in action prepping the chicken box

Jason putting on final touches

Wiping up Dan's mess!!!!

Good to go


Donnie's excited about our chicken!

Ribs are about done

Donnie and Wayne


Ribs ready to be cut

Nice slab of ribs

Hmm... which one to cut first

Like the product placement - BBQ Guru????

Cutting the ribs

Which ribs to pick???

Filming those filming us

Selecting the best ribs

Will inspecting the ribs

Our neighbors and friends, Smokey T's Pit Crew

Arranging the selected ribs

Ribs in the box

Final sauce touch-up

Ribs are done!!!

Nice glaze

Pulled pork

Pork turn-in box

Closing up the pork box

Brisket ready to be cut

Nice smoke ring!!

Our brisket box

Closing the brisket box

Our banners and trophy table

Our camp with our WSMs

Trophies and awards... they were awesome!!

The crowd eagerly awaiting the awards

Smokey T's coming up to get their award

Tuffy (Cool Smoke) getting an award

Smokey T's getting another award

Vinegar Hill team (great guys from NY)

Smokey T's with their awards

BBQ Guru guys with their awards

Cool Smoke gang with the GC trophy!!!

Donnie - You talkin to me?

Wayne enjoying a rib

Will off and running to turn-in

Wayne.... happy with our food??

Nice face Dan...

Michelle and Tracy

Dan and Tracy...

Dan and Tracy again...

Michelle and Will