Pork & Deans smokin away..

Irony= Windy Acres having to take down their canopy due to high wind

Our neighbor at the contest

Dixie Bones from Woodbridge, VA

Pigstatic from Bangor, PA

Pork & Deans still smokin...

Dan & Greg taking a break...

Dan loading up (note the license plate)

The trophies...

Award blanket for Iron Chef (Red Todd's work)

Tom (Smoken' Dudes) handing out awards

Pork & Deans rig.

Dan with 1 of 3 4th place ribbons

Another ribbon...

Our 1st EVER 1st place in ribs and $400 to boot.

Dan with the Ribs trophy!!!!

A nice flat ready to be cut into.

Trimming the brisket

Soo tender, had to cut it thick

Our brisket turn-in box

DOn't let him fool you, he's in the zone!!!

Will had a thing for Pork & Deans rig

MMM.. lettuce, it's what's for breakfast

Our chicken turn-in box

Slicing up the 1st place ribs

Trimmed chicken ready to hit the smoker

Prepping the chicken

The set-up with the BBQ Guru banner (new sponsor)

BBQ Guru brochures for the takin

More chicken prep

Hmm. soo much chicken, so little rub

Yes, Pork & Deans again

Rob & Owen came by to keep us company

Ribs close up.... yummy!

Look at the smoke ring

Ribs were nice and meaty

Selecting the bets ribs for the box

Another team with a nice smoke chimney

Smokey Bottom Boys

Dan worrying as usual

The BBQ Guru Procom 4, technology is great!!

What can we say, it was a great day!!

Check out the BBQ Guru website @ www.thebbqguru.com

Dan with the spoils of the weekend

Our camp

Dan with the hardware in his office