BBQ Guru, our sponsors were next to us

The usual site set-up

Fat Tommy's and Main Street BBQ, two local Bel Air teams

Prepping the beef ribs

Andy Nelson's BBQ setting up to cater the sponsors dinner

War Pigs BBQ Team

PA Posse BBQ Team

Smoke'n Dudes BBQ team and vendor

The crowd starts to come in

Main stage area

Cool Smoke vending as "Q"

Another look at vendors row

Wood Chicks BBQ (3rd overall)

Andy Nelson's BBQ

Jack's Down Home BBQ (Grand Champion)

New BBQ Guru digital competitor (available soon Fred says!)

Evan up past his bedtime

BBQ Guru's camp at night

Chicken on the WSM (nice reflections)

Shotgun Fred working on the Tallboy

Our Guru Procom4

Game time.....

Chicken ready to go in the box

Jason looking on with some assistance from Jeff (Dan's coworker)

Picking the chicken

Ninja Dan contemplates his next move...

A little heckling before the 1st turn-in


Touch ups

Our guests hanging out

Team effort...

Ready to turn in

Judges tent scoring the food

KCBS reps near the turn-in location

Gurus hard at work, with Ninja Dan flyin in from the right

Slicing the ribs

One slab down, the second waiting..

Those curved bones killed us!!

Rib turn-in box

Pulling the pork

Pork chunks

Big old pile o' pork

Pork turn-in box

Beef ribs turn-in box (side category)

Crowd gathering for results

Another angle of the crowd


BBQ Bob letting off steam before awards

Smokey Bottom Boys collecting an award

Chris from Dizzy Pig making a walk

Susquehanna Blue Smoke picking up an award

Guru folks walking

Gurus coming back with a trophy

War Pigs going up for an award

BBQ Bob showing off the ribbon

Tuffy from Cool Smoke going for an award

Ron from Rib n' It

Smokey Bottom Boys

Taste-Liss Cookers from TX

Brett from Free Range walking

Will picking up our 6th place ribbon for pork

Will again...

Wearing the ribbon proudly

Shotgun Fred walking

Thumbs up from Fred

Cool Smoke again (2nd place overall)

Cool Smoke..

The BBQ Guru gang

Gurus with the trophies