Hot air balloon firing up!

They lit up the sky


More flame....

Lit up...

Our site Friday night..... ready to go

Fireworks Friday night..

more fireworks..

more fireworks..

more fireworks..

more fireworks..

more fireworks..

more fireworks..

more fireworks..

The moon, hiding behind the clouds

Band playing at a neighbors site.

WSMs ready for action..

Dan getting ready for 1st turn-in

Some final touches on the chicken

Needs more parsley!!!

Dan waiting impatiently as Jason puts final touch on

Pick that parsley!!!

Final touches on rib box

Dan handing a rib to our neighbor (nice face Dan)

More parsley!!!

Dan tasting one for himself....

Our neighbor and new friend from Rabbit Gulch Farm

Cleaning up the sauce...

One last touch and its gone!!!

Pork turn-in box

Slicin' the brisket...

One of the briskets and our staple--pretzels!!!

Trimmed bisket not to be turned-in

Slicing up the brisket

Some folks Dan met that work at the hotel...

Last slices...

Hanging out while Dan does the final slicing

Box ready for the brisket

Last minute touches....

Waiting for Dan to finish placing the brisket

Getting help from our neighbor

Our new friends from the hotel..

Putting a vex or charm on the pork box???

Awards area.. looking out at the horse track

Will looking out at the track..

The trophies and awards..

Our neighbors Rabbit Gulch Farm getting an award

Mike David from Lotta Bull getting an award

Returing from getting our 3rd place ribbon!!

Returning from getting our 4th place ribbon

4th place Ribs!!!!!

Squeal of Approval collecting an award.

Tuffy from Cool Smoke getting an award..

Our ribbons for chicken and pork

Chillin before turn-ins at the Open.