BBQ Bob from the BBQ Guru setting up camp

Byron from giving some brisket pointers to Dan

Showing off the 3 Eyz BBQ blanket

Michelle and Tracy manning the rub sales table

BBQ Guru set-up

Looking down a row of teams

The hotel/casino and horse track

Looking at the speedway bleachers over our camp


Choosing the right pieces to turn-in

Turn-in box ready for the chicken

Placing the chicken

The trophies from the past 2 years

Slicing the ribs

More slicing

Which ribs to choose??

Another slab

Selecting the ribs

Ready to put them in the box

Will approves!!!!

Pulling apart the pork

Picking the right pieces

Brisket getting ready

Supervisor Will directing the slicing

The trophies (note the working slot machines)

Keith from Smokey Bottom Boys

Chris from Ique getting an award

Dan looking on (background)

Smokey T's Pit Crew

Dan collecting our ribs award

Shaking hands with the organizer

Photo time!

BBQ Guru getting 2nd place in ribs

Shaking hands

Shotgun Fred picking up the check!!

Steve and Jack from Jack's Down Home

Steve shaking hands

Smokey T's Pit Crew getting another award

Tuffy from Cool Smoke getting an award

Cool Smoke again

PA Midnite Smokers

Johnny Trigg from Smokin Triggers

Johnny Trigg getting the trophy

Will picking up our brisket award

Will with the cash!!!

Tuffy again (heard his name ALOT!!)

Fat Angel BBQ getting an award

Who Are Those Guys? getting an award

1st place brisket

Byron from with an 8th overall

WATG??? with a 7th overall

BBQ Guru with a 5th overall!!

Tuffy from Cool Smoke reacting to the Grand Championship

Collecting the big trophy (repeat champion)

The Cool Smoke crew

Admiring the trophy