Camp set up.. Will contemplating life...

Deciding how to arrange the Perdue chicken.

Perdue chicken box (extra category beyond the normal)

Donnie tasting the shrimp for our Anything Butt category

Smoked shrimp with a pineapple salsa

Looking down BBQ row

Looking down at the BBQ teams from the giant slide

Looking down at the vendor area from the giant slide

Scary Dan

Metal Dan

Chicken on the smoker getting some sauce

Chicken turn-in box

Ribs on the smoker

Tracy and Michelle modeling our BBQ Guru banner

Ribs off the smoker and ready to be cut

Rib turn-in box

Donnie enjoying a cold one

Sky had multiple rainbows and coloring throughout the day, even though there was no rain

Pork turn-in box

Trophies (we won the one on the bottom left)

Donnie and Lori hanging out during awards

Motorcycles on display

Sandy Fulton, the organizer from Wicomico County (amazingly great person!!)

Jim Perdue about to give out the Perdue chicken award

Our MD State Champion Trophy!!