Purdue Chicken (close your eyes kids)

Dan M getting the hog ready

She's a big gal

You want me to do WHAT with this?

Our site

Finished Purdue chicken

Another angle

In the box with the skewers

Anything Butt turn-in

Touching up the hog

Nice color

Getting it ready for the judges

Ready to be judged

Another angle

Bring on the judges

Sliced open ready to serve

Serving the judges

mmm. pork

Talkin the talk

Dig in Dan!!

Pig came from Galvinells

Slicin the brisket

Awards starting up

VA BBQ Pirates getting a call

BBQ Guru getting a 1st in Pork!

Bob with the 1st place trophy!

Stoddard and Brown - Grand Champion!

Our trophy for 4th Ribs