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3 Eyz BBQ's first and only commercially-available BBQ spice rub. This mix of sweet and spicy offers a fantastic flavor boost for all of your grilling, smoking, and general cooking needs. Great on all types of meat, as well as in soups, chili, vegetables, baked potatoes, and anything else that needs a bit of a flavor kick. This spice rub took home a 1st and a 2nd place award at  the Great American BBQ Contest, helped 3 Eyz get a perfect score in ribs at the Jack Daniels World Championship (2012), 2012 KCBS TOY and rack up over 400 awards!

A shaker bottle (5.5oz) of our award winning rub Click the picture to order now! 
A full pound (16oz) of the best rub available Click the picture to order now!  
Bulk pack of FIVE 1-lb packs of rub.
For the more serious of
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East vs West Coast (3 Eyz & Left Coast Q)
2 Day KCBS Competition Class
(March 8 & 9, 2014)

This is a class geared toward those that have been bitten by the competition bug. New team or experienced, this is the class for you. Starting with prep and continuing through presentation, we will be cooking 2 full loads (3Eyz and Left Coast Q) of competition meats. The fee includes snacks, dinner, breakfast, T-shirt, a monster goodie bag and exclusive discounts on some of our sponsors products! The class will be held in Banning, CA  We will be set up indoors with heat and A/C as needed. 11:00am Saturday to 2:00pm Sunday (or until all questions are answered).

Sold Out!

The Ultimate BBQ Experience

Just starting to get into competition BBQ? Or just want to be part of championship team for a weekend? Well, here is your chance! What is included? What isn't may be a better question. You will be part of the 3 Eyz BBQ team for one entire KCBS competition, experiencing everything we do, seeing everything we do. Able to ask questions to the team and taste our award winning BBQ directly off the smokers. You will also get to take home some of that BBQ and we will even throw in a couple pounds of our championship rub and a T-shirt.

Only one person per comp will be accepted, so act quickly!

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